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Web Design

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Jack of all trades master of none, though often times better than master of one. And I enjoy being multi-passionate.

Hi there! I’m Lukas, but my friends call me Alec. I consider myself a Jack of All Trades.  Most people interpret that negatively; I interpret that as something to hone in on.

I’ve been in the advertisement and marketing field since 2013 and have held many hats within the arena. I have earned degrees in Business Management/Marketing as well as in Web Design & Interactive Media.

Hobbies/Interests:  Photography, Web Design, PC Gaming, Drag Artistry, Volunteering at Comic Cons, Acrylic Pour Painting, Leatherwork.

Skills/Areas of Expertise:  15+ years of design experience including: Page layout with InDesign, photo manipulation with Photoshop, vectoring graphics with Illustrator, exporting designs to Acrobat Pro, video creating/editing with Premiere Pro, photo editing with Lightroom, photographing models at themed photoshoots, and editing websites with WordPress/WooCommerce. These are a few areas that I work in almost daily if not at least monthly. Other programs/tools that I have knowledge in include: Adobe (Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, XD, Audition), Microsoft (Word, Excel), Google (Sheets, Docs, Forms, Drive), and QuickBooks.  I can also change out a head gasket on a vehicle, but I’m not bragging or anything.

College Degrees held: AAS Business Technology: Management/Marketing, AAS Web Design & Interactive Media, BS Web Design & Interactive Media. I also have a slew of Continued Education certificates listed on my LinkedIn and Indeed profiles.

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